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10 DIY School Supplies – Easy Back To School DIY Projects

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In this video I show how to make absolutely adorable stuff – cute bookmarks, lollipop pencil topper, notebooks decorations, sprinkle pen, awesome ruler upgrade, envelope pencil case, slime shaped pen, scented pencils and erasers, glitter sparkling pen.
I really hope all my DIYs will help you to make the studying process more fun.
I start with DIY Fluffy Bookmarks – baby panda, baby bat, bunny and Pikachu :) All you need is a drinking straw, a craft pom-pom and some felt or cardboard (btw, I used 1mm felt). If you don't have a glue gun – use a super glue (or any strong glue) instead.
The second DIY back-to-school project is a very easy sparkling glitter pen. You will need a glitter of your choice (I took silver holographic glitter) and cheap regular ballpoint pen in clear plastic barrel. Oh, and some school glue with water, of course lol. 1 tbs school glue + 3 tbs water.
Next – absolutely fantastic Lollipop Pencil Topper! It turned out so adorable! And it is so easy to make, that I'm sure you'll also succeed. You can make it with Play-Doh or polymer clay – doesn't matter. Just remember that the white piece of clay is 4 times bigger that the small colorful one. I covered dried lollipop with clear nail polish for shine. So now it looks like a real candy.
The 4th DIY is super easy – DIY scented pencils, erasers and sticky notes. Here is my tip for you – place the sticky note into the book or notebook and it will fill with tender fragrance all your backpack. Awesome! So you'll need a jar (or plastic container) with lid, salt (about 2 tbs), about 15 drops of your favourite essential oil, plastic cup and stuff you want to “aromize” lol – pencils, erasers, lollipop pencil topper will be great too ;) Leave it for a night in a closed jar and you'll have smelly pencils and stuff in the morning. The smell will least for a week, so after it you can repeat the process.
Fifth DIY tutorial is Pencil Ruler or just cute ruler upgrade. You will need cheap wooden ruler, stationary knife, sandpaper and watercolor paints. Please BE CAREFUL WITH STATIONARY KNIFE! Ask your parents of you are a kid to cut the shape I show in the video.
The sixth project – awe-aww-awesome DIY Sprinkle Pen! I love it soooo much! And it is so easy to make! All you need is a cheap pen and pony beads. I took different colors and mixed them together, but you can make with solid color or make tracery of your choice :) For my pen I needed 2 meters of white thread to cover it (the pen). But you can measure it time after time – just spin around the pen and look how many beads left to the end :) To secure beads on the pen – use super glue.
Next – DIY Notebooks upgrades :) I show really easy way to decorate your notebooks. And I've decided to show how to decorate spiral notebooks, because I think it is popular school supply and knowing how to decorate this type of notebooks will let you to decorate any type :))) So, basically you will need a notebook, 2 sheets of white paper, glue stick, rubber bands, watercolor paints (or acrylic, or gouache) and pieces of dry sponges. You can wet them a bit, but really slightly.
Eighth DIY – so cute DIY pencil case shaped as an envelope. NO SEW! :) You will need white felt (19x19 cm) and a glue gun. That's it, actually :) Follow my video instructions and you will understand how easy is this pencil case to make.
9th tutorial is about very useful DIY bookmark with pointer. I hate to lose sentence in the book where I have finished reading! So this bookmark will help you to set pointer on the word you've finished with. Or you can mark some important information with it. You will need a piece of cardboard and rubber cord.
And the last (in this video lol) DIY Back To School Project is Slime Pen! I like to create unique stuff from cheap regular things. And this pen is just perfect example. You will need a ballpoint pen, hot glue and two nail polishes – neon yellow and neon green. Cover your pen with hot glue, layer by layer, with slime drips and paint it yellow-green.
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