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12 DIY Projects With Clothes Iron – 12 New Fun Things and Life Hacks You Can Make With Iron

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Awesome craft ideas and life hacks using clothes iron – DIY jewelry (bracelets, ring and necklace), buttons, bowl, DIY decorations for tank tops, tote bags and T-shirts, coaster and some delicious food :) Everything is very easy and doesn't need much time to do!
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Ok, back to the 12 tutorials descriptions!
For every project you will need an iron (turn it on for a maximum temperature) and a baking paper (make sure objects do not stick to it when are melted).
And please make sure you are focused enough to make your work with hot clothes iron safe!

I start with an absolutely easy and beautiful DIY coaster of plastic bottle caps. You will need 7 plastic bottle screw caps (you can remove the name of the brand on the top with nail polish remover). After melting caps wait for about 10 seconds before removing the top baking paper sheet. And just after that – place something flat and heavy on the warm coaster and leave it cool.
The second DIY project is a way to decorate T0shirts, tank tops and – as it shown in the video – tote bag. You will need plastic drinking straws for this project. You can wash clothes decorated that way with hands in warm water (but better not in a washing machine).
The third DIY – A Bowl out of clear tape. You will need a glass or ceramic bowl (make sure the glass is not thin), plastic wrap and clear packing tape. I used packing tape because it is wider so ease to wrap the bowl. But regular clear tape will work too.
#4 – Tank top or T-shirt decoration with hot glue and glitter. As I promised – just an iron – no glue gun! :) Pretty easy to make and looks stunning. Just a tip – better to use a glitter with super small sequins (like a sand). But bigger parts will stick well too. Hand-wash, 30° C.
Next, fifth project – is one of my favorite LOL Seriously! Toasts! Super easy and fast and tastes just perfect! Note – use sheets of baking paper which are just a little bit larger than a bread slices – otherwise the bread will be wet inside.
Moving to the sixth tutorial - DIY Buttons Out Of Drinking Straws. Love this idea so much! Make sure you use straw pieces of one size (mine were 9 cm each). Then your buttons will be the same size each. For the holes use an awl and a candle to heat it up.
Next is a new way to recycle plastic bottles :) - DIY bracelets out of plastic bottles made with clothes iron! :) Use bottles of different colors. Make sure the circumference of the bottle is enough to make a bracelet. I used a Coca-Cola 1.5 L bottle. The circumference of the “ring” I cut was 29 cm. And the height about 1.5-2 cm. Important – PUSH on the “ring” with hot iron!
Continuing jewelry theme – the eighth DIY is a ring which looks like a ring with holographic opal! Love it! Stick for a glue gun I used was 7 mm wide. And that piece I cut was about 2.5 cm.
Ninth project – super adorable way to decorate jeans, T-shirts or whatever you want with tinsel and plastic bag! It is waterproof and looks gorgeous! Isn't it?
Next – super easy and super yummy DIY candies. You will need some sugar (for 4 slices – 1 teaspoon of sugar) and a baking paper. It could take some time to melt the sugar (about 5 minutes) but it worth it! Just after you have melted it wait for 10-15 seconds before cutting sugar to slices with scissors. And don't touch it! Just hold a paper – not areas with melted sugar. Then let slices cool – they will dry and harden. Remove baking paper just before eating a candy (hygiene the main!).
If you are vegan (as I am) make sure you use a vegan sugar!
Eleventh project is a DIY necklace (pendant) made of drinking straws. After melting straws as I show – you can cut any shape – round, diamond, heart, star or any letter etc.
And the 12th DIY is a wide bracelet made using sticks for glue gun (but without a glue gun) :) Sizes: 3 sticks – 20 cm each, 7 mm wide; after melting – 20 cm x 4.5 cm. Washi tape I used was 1.5 cm wide. Experiment with colors and width!
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