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2 Days in BUENOS AIRES Vlog | Barolo Palace & National Congress of Argentina! ????????

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We had 2 days in Buenos Aires after returning from our trip to my Dad's hometown of Necochea, so we decided to make the most of our brief stopover in the capital. We even managed to visit some new-to-us attractions this time around!

First up was a guided tour of the National Congress of Argentina. This is something that we had been wanting to do for ages, but our dates hadn't lined up with the guided visits up until now. The tour itself is free of charge, but they only take up to 30 visitors, and you must have ID on you. Remember that this tour can be cancelled on short notice if the congress is in session. The guided tour itself was very informative and thorough - we were surprised at how much we got to see during our visit!

Another place that we also visited for the first time was Barolo Palace. This building is an iconic landmark that offers panoramic views of the city. Construction was completed in 1923 and for many years, it stood as the tallest building in all of South America! The unique thing about Palacio Barolo is that it was inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy. It's an architectural representation of the narrative poem.

Aside from that, we also revisited our favourite steakhouse, Parrilla Peña. Plus we enjoyed plenty of cafe hopping around the city, because when in Buenos Aires, you need to start your day with cafe con leche and medialunas! We hope you enjoy our Buenos Aires vlog for some ideas of what you can get up to with 2 days in the city.

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