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4 Berklee Musicians Learn, Arrange & Record Undertale’s “Megalovania” Blindly | unCOVER Challenge

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Watch the full episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtWTi52-tpA

This month Marley Striem, Paulina Romano, Paul Vanier and Kristýna Sibinská unCOVER Undertale’s “Megalovania” while completing some unexpected challenges.

unCOVER is part of the monthly video series, The Medley.

Produced & Directed by Andrés González-Cardona
Edited by Isak Kotecki
Color by Steffan Hacker

Audio Crew:
Ellen Cordisco
Justin Livingston
Andrew Brinkman
Andrew Alvarado
Tanisha Lokwani
Juan Riera
Adam Schwartz

Camera Director: Michael Borgida

Camera Operators:
Jeannie Greeley
Steffan Hacker
Kevin Greene
Sage Shriver-Blough
Jihae Kim
Isak Kotecki
Meghan Kharsynrap

Interviewer: Jeannie Greeley

Production Assistants:
Emma Werthein Cohen
Anna Kornis

Sound Design & Post-Production: Andrés González-Cardona
Undertale, Megalovania, Berklee
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