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5 Worst Exercises to Try in 30’s

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Are you in your 30's and looking for effective exercises? Watch out the video exploring about the exercises that can be harmful for you.
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Michael Bartlett is a health and wellness consultant at Consumer Health Digest. He offers fitness advice about the exercises. According to Michael, you should be aware while choosing exercises in your 30's. Some exercises may cause adverse effects.
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Note: This video is a part of joint collaboration between Michael Bartlett and Consumer Health Digest.
Video Transcript:-
Michael Bartlett here. I'm a health and wellness consultant with Consumer Health Digest. I want to share with you the five worst exercises you can do when you're in your 30s. With that, I want to share with you probably the five worst exercises for you to do while you're in your 30s that you may have done in your 20s, but it's time to transition to a new phase.
The first exercise I'm recommending you avoid would be an exercise using a leg press or a leg extension machine. The simple reason is the wear and tear it puts on your lower body, specifically your knees and your hips, your ankles. It causes a lot of damage to your tendons, your ligaments, your joints. Repeated use of these machines can lead to long-term damage and even arthritis. Avoid those. Opt instead for body weight squats or lunges, things of those nature.
I'm also recommending that you avoid plyometrics. Athletes are very big on plyometrics. They create explosive power, but there's a reason that most athletes are coming to the end of their career in their 30s, and it's because your body is not recovering as quickly from the explosive training. Box jumps or high jumps on to the benches, whatever it may be, I'm recommending you avoid those. Anything that is using overhead shoulder presses, I would avoid those as well. Your rotator cuffs are under a tremendous amount of stress when you're doing overhead presses. As you get older, a lot of damage can occur in your shoulders. As a matter of fact, the more we age, the more likely it is rotator cuff damage will occur. Avoid those, especially with heavy weights. Opt instead for lat raises or front raises, hitting your shoulders from all different angles.
I would also recommend avoiding anything on a consistent basis with sprinting or extremely heavy weights, sprinting, the explosive movements. Obviously you want to continue to stimulate your body. Occasionally it's okay, but repeated pounding of the sprinting and explosive running, as you get older, it's going to put the stress on your knees and your hips, again on your back, and you're going to be prone to more injuries, strains, tears, things like that.
Same thing goes for extremely heavy weights. I'm talking about the 4 reps, all out, as heavy as you can go. Those exercises or those weights, we need to transition away from those, opting instead for 8 to 10 reps, maybe a lower weight but better form and a more concentrated focus on the muscles that you're training. You can still lift heavy, but you got to really avoid the slamming of the super heavy 4 rep and below, poor form training. That's going to tear apart your shoulders and your joints and you're going to be slower to recover, cause more damage than you are good.
Avoid those five exercises and your body will thank you. As you transition into your 30s, it's a time to transition the way where you exercise a more cerebral approach. Thanks for listening. This is Michael Bartlett from Consumer Health Digest. Take care.
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