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7 essential foods and drinks to naturally cleanse your liver – how to detox your liver with food

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7 essential foods and drinks to naturally cleanse your liver – how to detox your liver with food
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Your liver is one of the most important organs that you have.
Almost all the blood in your body passes through this organ, where it gets filtered and detoxified.
Not only is the liver responsible for cleaning wastes and toxins from your blood, and separating out the useful nutrients to synthesize the substances that your body needs for proper functioning.
But it also activates and regulates important hormones.
Once digestive system has broken down food you eat, the small particles enter your blood from the intestine and are routed to your liver for the necessary filtering.
This is why it is necessary to pay it the necessary attention so that it always function like it should and not overwork it unnecessarily.
If the liver doesn’t work properly, you can have severe health conditions.
Processed foods, alcoholic drinks, stress and environmental pollution are all factors that cause your liver to get overworked, which prevents it from proper functioning.
Here are some of the foods that can help clean your liver very effectively.
Lemons and Limes.
The abundant amounts of vitamin C contained in citrus fruits and its juices are excellent for helping stimulate the functions of your liver. 
You should drink the juice from either of these two citruses fresh and preferably in the morning, on an empty stomach.
This way, you will be able to take advantage of all of their properties.
This super food helps keeping your liver healthy because it has a good quantity of nutrients and has the ability to help the body produce a substance called glutathione, an essential ingredient when cleaning the liver of toxins that are bad for your body.
Garlic contains large amounts of allicin and selenium, 2 very effective ingredients to help cleaning your liver.
Allicin and selenium will activate the enzymes in your liver, and will promote the natural cleansing of toxins from your organism.
Grapefruit has the property to increase the natural ability of the liver to eliminate toxins, thanks to the good content of vitamin C and antioxidants, it contains.
Get the habit of drinking a glass of fresh grapefruit juice every day.
This will definitely help increase the detoxifying enzymes found in the liver, that will enable your body to get rid of harmful toxic substances.
Beets and Carrots.
Beet and carrots should be included in your diet in order to have a much healthier and more efficient liver.
These 2 foods contain in fact high amounts of flavonoids and beta-carotenes, which have the ability to boost the functions of the liver, which will help it to function better.
Broccoli and Cauliflower.
These vegetables increase the production of natural enzymes in the liver, which have the ability of eliminating carcinogenic substances that can be found in the body. 
The glucosinolates that are found in these vegetables greatly reduce the possibility of developing some kind of cancer. In order to achieve this, you should incorporate these vegetables in your daily diet.
To say the truth, also all leafy green vegetables are great for cleaning the liver, for their ability of absorbing the toxins that are found in the blood, thanks to the high amount of chlorophyll they contain.
Make sure to include lots of raw leafy veggies in your salads, juices, or cooked in soups.
Green Tea.
Drinking a cup of green tea every day, will boost the health of your liver.
Green tea contains a substance called catechins, which is responsible for improving the functions of this important organ, and promotes at the same time a good health in general.
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Video by Giampaolo Floris, Endhairloss.eu founder and CEO
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