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A Tour of ALL the JAPANESE BATHROOMS We Encountered! ???????????????? Foreigners Experience Japanese

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What is it about Japanese bathrooms and toilets that sets them above the rest? I filmed every single Japanese bathroom over the course of our trip across Japan, and what I found is that there's a lot to love! The bidet, heated seats, defogging mirrors, adjustable showerheads, mini toilet sinks that refill the tank, the wet room concept and so much more! This video is a deep dive into why Japanese bathrooms are so great, plus we'll also share a bit of our experience with public baths and onsen. If you're planning a trip to Japan, we've also got some Japanese bathroom etiquette tips for you!

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A Tour of ALL the JAPANESE BATHROOMS We Encountered! ???????????????? Foreigners Experience Japanese Toilets!

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What Is Unique About Japanese Toilets and Japanese Bathrooms?

Japanese toilets and bathrooms are renowned for their innovation, cleanliness, and the high level of technology they incorporate, reflecting Japan's culture of respect, cleanliness, and appreciation for technological advancements. Here are some unique features that set them apart:

Japanese Toilets

High-Tech Features: Many Japanese toilets, often referred to as "washlets," come equipped with an array of features such as heated seats, bidet functions with adjustable water pressure and temperature, air drying, and even deodorizing functions. Some models have touchpad or remote controls to manage these features.

Hygiene: The emphasis on hygiene is paramount, with the bidet function for posterior and feminine washes being standard. The use of water for cleansing is considered more hygienic and environmentally friendly than toilet paper alone.

Sound Features: Some toilets have a sound feature, often a button that, when pressed, plays music or the sound of running water to provide privacy by masking any noises.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Modern Japanese toilets are designed with energy efficiency in mind, with features like eco-friendly flush options that use less water and automatic lids that open and close to minimize the need for physical contact.

Self-Cleaning Technology: Toilets with self-cleaning features sanitize the bowl and the seat, further emphasizing the cultural importance of cleanliness.

Japanese Bathrooms

Separation of Wet and Dry Areas: In many Japanese homes, the bathroom is divided into separate areas for the toilet, sink, and bath/shower, enhancing cleanliness and functionality. This separation allows multiple people to use the bathroom space for different purposes simultaneously.

Deep Soaking Tubs: Traditional Japanese bathrooms often feature a deep soaking tub, or "ofuro," designed for relaxation and unwinding, not just for cleansing. The bath water is typically shared among family members, with each person cleaning themselves at a shower or wash area before entering the tub.

Advanced Bath Systems: Some households have electronically controlled bath systems that can automatically fill the tub to a preset level and temperature. These systems can also keep the water warm, allowing for the traditional practice of family members using the same bathwater.

Waterproofing: Given the emphasis on bathing, Japanese bathrooms are designed to be completely waterproof, with floor drains allowing for easy cleaning and the entire room to be used as a shower area.

Heating and Drying Functions: To cope with Japan's humid climate, many bathrooms are equipped with drying systems that can quickly dry clothes or towels, as well as heating systems for comfort in colder months.

In summary, Japanese toilets and bathrooms stand out for their innovative use of technology, commitment to hygiene, and unique cultural practices surrounding bathing and restroom use. These features showcase Japan's forward-thinking approach to everyday life, blending tradition with modern convenience and sustainability.

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