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Buenos Aires FOOD TOUR

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In today’s video, we’re taking you on a little do-it-yourself Buenos Aires food tour. We had 3 days in the city before catching our flight back to Canada, and we basically spent those 3 days eating our favourite foods, and getting our fix of classic Argentine dishes! In this video, we’ll be trying different cuts of steaks that are far too big not to share, ordering every slice of pizza at one of our favourite pizzerias, tasting different types of milanesas made with chicken and veal, and of course, sipping on Malbec as we say our farewell to the city. At the end, we’ll share our journey home, and the welcome from our beloved Togo. But now it’s time to eat, so bring your appetite and let’s kick off this Buenos Aires food tour!

So, first up we visited a bodegón, which is one of those old-fashioned restaurants, typical of Buenos Aires, where the portions are abundant and the food is good! We opted for steak at this restaurant. We ordered the entraña, which is a thin cut of beef, and the bife de chorizo, which is the sirloin strip steak. The bife came with a fried egg on top and a giant platter of french fries, rice, potato salad, and mixed salad. It was a lot of food and that dish along would have been plenty for 3 people. The total was $45 USD or $15 per person.

The next day called for pizza! Mainly because Sam instead we couldn’t leave Buenos Aires without visiting one of its oldest pizzerias. Güerrín is located on Corrientes Avenue right in the heart of the theatre district, and the place is always packed. We ordered every individual slice on the menu to give you an idea of what this pizzeria has to offer. There was Napolitan, Pomarolla, Fugazzeta, Anchovies, and the house speciality, Güerrin with red peppers, green olives and lots of mozzarella. The total for that meal with beer was $25 USD or $8 per person.

For our final day in the city, we decided to eat milanesas and supremas. These are breaded cutlets, the only difference is that one is made with veal and the other with chicken breast. This is another classic Argentine dish that needs to be added to your Buenos Aires food tour when you visit. The total for that meal was $40 USD or $13 per person.

And that’s how we feasted during our last 3 days in Buenos Aires. We also consumed plenty of cafe con leche, medialunas, and ice cream, which explains why we might’ve been a little heavier when we got back home and stepped on the scale. But hey, Argentina is a place where you come to eat.

But now let’s travel back to Canada and say hello to Togie!

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Buenos Aires FOOD TOUR
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