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DIY Christmas Decorations – Do-It-Yourself Holiday Room Decor

In this video I show how to make easy and beautiful Christmas decorations – Candy Cane Jars, Glitter Fireplace Desk Decoration and Christmas Tree Wall Art (with Christmas lights) :)
First Christmas DIY project consists of three, actually. But every stylized as a candy cane. First – is a DIY Candy Cane Vase for Sweets, another one – holder for candy canes (or pencils, or drinking straws or...), and the last one – candle jar. All you need is a glass container of your choice and electrical tapes (red and white). Yes, you can use a washi tape instead, but I recommend electrical tapes, because they are flexible and a bit stretchy (so it will be easier to wrap the round shape of the glass or vase).
The second Xmas project – DIY Sparkling Fireplace - absolutely charming desk accessory. Last year I showed how to make a miniature fireplace using your smartphone, but this one is even better, because you don't need a phone :) You will need a photo frame with glass, a photo of fireplace (just google it and print), school glue, gold glitter. I recommend to place candles near this fireplace, so glitter will shine and makes flame look more alive, if I can say so. I also show how to make small Christmas socks out of card stock and cotton pad.
And the third Christmas decoration – is a Christmas Tree Wall Art. I used LED Christmas lights, which I attached behind the canvas, so it is a perfect holiday nightlight too :) So you will need a canvas (mine was 20x40 cm), red paper, glue stick and a hole punch. Oh! And Christmas lights, of course. :)
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