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DIY Magic Poke Ball – How To Make Miniature Magic 8-Ball In Pokemon Go Style

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In this video I show how to make a Magic Poké Ball – mini Magic 8-Ball but in a Pokemon style. I hope you are obsessed with a Pokemon Go game as much as I am. So this cute pokeball will be your little helper in catchin' them all :)
For this cute Pokemon accessory you will need a table tennis ball, a miniature bottle with cork stopper (you can find it in craft stores, but in my video I actually give you a cue – you can use clear plastic pencil cap or small nail polish bottle instead ;) ). For the “answer triangle” you will need a tiny piece of plastic (I used a lid from plastic container – the main is to be sure it does not sink) and black permanent marker. You can use just a water as a liquid or color it with food dye. To decorate your DIY Poke Ball just use red acrylic paint and black permanent marker.
This magic toy looks charming! And who knows, maybe it gives true answers! O_o :)
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Have fun and never stop DIYing :)
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