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English Grammar Lesson - Tenses used to talk about ‘Future Plans’ (Learning English)

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English Grammar Lesson - Tenses used to talk about ‘Future Plans’ (Learning English)

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In English when we talk about our future plans it is important to use the correct English tense. In this English Grammar lesson Niharika will help you with some tips on using the correct tense to talk about the future plans.

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When the plans are presently just being considered and not definite we use the present continuous tense in English


I'm thinking of going to Australia for my next holiday.
We are planning to go for a movie this weekend.
He is hoping to start his new venture by next month.
I'm playing with the idea of buying a new car.

When the plans are already made and your are ready to announce, we use the present perfect tense in English.

Examples :-

We have decided to go to New York for this Christmas
We have settled on Spain for our next holiday
We have opted for the red car.
I have booked this weekend with my friends.

Some other English phrases that we can use to talk about the future plans are :

I have got my heart set on - ......( a cruise next year )
I have been dying to go to - ......( New York for Christmas )
It looks like .........( I am getting married next month )
I'm torn between ..( Italy and France)

Use these English phrases to speak fluently about your future plans.
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