Flu Outbreak Puts Stress On Medical Resources Leading To Criticism Of Ministry Of Health And Welfare

The flu outbreak continues to rage causing not only a shortage of hospital beds but also critical life-support respirators. At Taiwan’s 51 hospitals access to some 129 of these machines is hard to obtain, leading some hospitals borrow this machinery from other hospitals. So far, the Ministry of Health and Welfare hasn’t intervened when it comes to distributing medical resources though some believe it should play a more active role. Hsieh Ching-shuiChanghua Christian HospitalOur hospital has four of these life-support respirators currently in operation with three of them in use by severe flu patients. The flu menace continues and is especially dangerous to critically ill patients. This has led to a shortage of life-support respirators with many hospitals criticizing the Ministry of Health and Welfare for doing nothing to help the situation.Chiang Been-huang Health Minister We can’t ignore people''s health and access to medical treatment. On Wednesday I had a meeting with a number of emergency room doctors.In addition to a shortage of respirators, hospital beds have also been in shortage. This has exasperated many health workers at the front lines of treatment as they are now pleading for support from the Health Ministry.
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