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Flutter / AngularDart – Code sharing, better together (Dart Conference 2018)

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Flutter / AngularDart – Code sharing, better together
How many times did you have to implement the same app on Android and iOS? Even though it might give you a sense of pride of accomplishment, doesn’t it feel like a waste of time? Flutter immensely helps with that, but what if you also have to implement a web app? But hey! AngularDart is also based on, well, Dart, so how much code can we share among Flutter and AngularDart apps?
Turns out, it’s a lot.
On this talk, we’ll present a simple pattern for defining the business logic of your app, then write Android, iOS and AngularDart apps where almost all business logic is shared.
About Paolo:
Paolo is a Software Engineer on the AdWords Express team at Google, having previously worked on mobile testing infrastructure and the dark arts of iOS test tooling, including the EarlGrey testing framework.
He thinks life’s too short to be spent solving the same problem multiple times, so he’s helping his teammates at Google to figure out how share as much code as possible among Android, Angular and iOS apps with Flutter.
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