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How Nicola Coughlan Became Penelope Featherington of 'Bridgerton' ???? | Teen Vogue

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When Nicola Coughlan initially auditioned for the role of Penelope Featherington, she didn't expect to receive an offer so soon after. From preparing for her role mentally through history lessons as well as physically through dance and stunt lessons, Nicola truly went all in to embody her character. Hear all the inside details as Nicola breaks down her entire process for 'Bridgerton.'

00:00 Nicola Coughlan
00:18 The Audition
01:03 The Preparation
01:46 Mental Prep
03:45 Physical Prep
05:11 Filming
06:29 Hot Air Balloon Scene
07:53 Intimacy Scenes
09:53 Wardrobe
10:25 Bridgerton Takeaways

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