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How to Give Compliments to Sound Like a Native

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Today, we are going to talk about complimenting people.
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Time codes:
00:00 Why do people in the US compliment each other?
01:26 What you should and shouldn't compliment
03:58 Learn English with Lingoda
06:11 Two parts of a compliment
06:30 Phrases for giving a compliment

1) You look + adjective
You look smashing today!
This dress is gorgeous!
2) I like/love + noun
I love your bag! Where did you get it?
3) That’s such + adjective + noun
That’s such a cute dog! What is its name?
4) What + adjective + noun
What a beautiful jacket! Where did you get it?
5) You have + adjective + noun
You have amazing taste! These shoes look great on you!
6) You really did + adjective+ noun
You really did an amazing job! Congratulations on getting promoted!
You really did a terrific job repairing your house! It looks brand new!
7) good at + gerund
You are so good at cooking! Can you give me a masterclass?
8) noun + looks good on you
This dress looks so good on you! You look so elegant!
9) Great + noun
Great presentation! You totally nailed it!

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