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How To Make A 3D Construction Snowman Pillow – DIY Three-Dimensional Spheres Snowman Pillow

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Easy way to make an absolutely adorable interactive, construction pillow. This Snowman consists of three parts - three ball shaped pillows which could be assembled in a snowman or disconnected for a three “snowballs” pillows. :)
In this video I also show how to make a pattern for a ball-shaped pillow (for every part of the snowman) and how to make a hat and a scarf out of an old sweater. :)
To make a ball pillow for this Snowman you will need: three round objects of different sizes (I used a glass (diameter 7.5 cm), a cup (diameter 10 cm) and a flowerpot (diameter 13 cm). So the ball made with a glass was the smallest one (45 cm circumference) and the ball I made with a flowerpot was the largest – 78 cm circumference.
To make a pattern I recommend to use a parchment paper, because it is translucent. It will be easier to draw on it, fold it and cut the right shape.
Every pillow (every sphere or every ball) consists of 6 parts. So you'll need to trace one pattern piece 6 times for a one ball.
I used a fleece, but you can use any type of fabric. I made a prototype with a non-stretch fabric and the snowman turned out great (even better, I would say). The problem was - it was a red fabric LOL
For the hat and the scarf I used and old sweater. I show how it is easy to turn it into a hat and scarf. But you can make these accessories put of any fabric.
And for the eyes, nose and traditional buttons I used craft pompoms. But you can use actual buttons or pieces of felt instead.
Good luck!
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