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Japanese Buffet in Tokyo, Japan | Eating Kushikatsu (串カツ) Fried Japanese Skewers

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Come join us for a Japanese Buffet in Tokyo, Japan where we specifically enjoy eating Kushikatsu (串カツ) - deep-fried Japanese skewers of meat, vegetables and more! This all you can eat kushikatsu buffet in Tokyo, Japan had a time limit of 90 minutes where you could grab as many skewer items, hot foods and other things available for a set price.

Kushikatsu Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan Hours and Information:

Kushiya Monogatari Shinjuku Toho Building
Kushiage and Kushikatsu restaurant
Address: Japan, 〒160-0021 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Kabukicho, 1 Chome−19−1 新宿東宝ビル 1F
Hours: Monday to Sunday 11a.m.–11p.m.
Phone: +81 3-5285-1008

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Japanese Buffet in Tokyo, Japan | Eating Kushikatsu (串カツ) Fried Japanese Skewers Travel Food Video Transcript:

Alright guys it is time for another lunch video and today we have come all the way to Shinjuku. Not very far because this is our hood. And we've decided to have something called Kushiyaki which basically is skewers. And it is going to be a mix of meat skewers but also vegetable skewers. And we found a restaurant called Kushiya where you get 90 minutes. You pay a set fee and it is all you can eat. So that is our plan for lunch today.

So we are inside the restaurant we've just sat down our 90 minutes have started ticking. And they've just given us like some instructions on how everything works.

So let's actually read through this. So no leftovers only grab what you are planning on eating. That is typical of a lot of buffets.

Yeah, especially sushi buffets. Also don't put more than 5 sticks in the box. So here in the oil. Those are the boxes right there. We're basically going to be frying our own food at the table. Um no cheers or toasts over the fryer.

It is all pretty common sense to be honest. And yeah it also shows you how you are going to dip each of your sticks in like this batter then roll it around in these like crumbs I suppose and then you can cook it.

And it also tells you how long you need to cook each item because depending on what you are having it may be a minute and a half. Can you say a couple of examples?

Let's see. So for example eggplant is one minute. Beef two to three minutes. Right the meat would be longer of course. Pumpkin would be three minutes. Pumpkin. Cheese mochi that can be up to 4 minutes. Oh we are definitely getting pumpkin and cheese mochi.

And yeah there is like a huge spread they almost have it setup kind of like a buffet. Yeah, so you grab a plate. You grab all of these skewers and then you bring it back to the table and you cook it. It is our first Japanese buffet.

So this is the batter. And these are the breadcrumbs. Alright so it is time to start. Yes.

Cooking. What can you tell us? Well I can tell you that I've got a chicken skewer in my hand. Okay and apparently how you are supposed to do it is you are going to put it in the batter here. Yeah.

Cover it like that I think. It looks good. Make sure I've got lots. Yeah. Then coat it. Then the breadcrumbs. Look at that.

Someone just dropped a glass. Got to coat that well. Oh that looks nice. Does that look coated enough? Yeah.

Okay. And in it goes. In it goes. Time to sizzle. Oh look at that. You just drop it in there basically. Drop it likes it is hot. And it is hot. Hahaha. Wow. What a reference. Hahaha.

Okay so we believe the chicken is ready to be enjoyed. Yes, take a look at that. Wow. It is completely different from when it first went in. Nice this will be yours and golden. Nice and golden. One each.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.

Music by Artlist: https://artlist.io/Audrey-184699
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