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Minnie Works at McDonalds Cash Register ❤ Peppa Pig Happy Meal Toys Surprise ❤ BBQ Burgers Play-Doh

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Minnie works at the new McDonalds at WDW Walt Disney World behind cash register. Daddy Pig drove Pig George and Peppa Pig to the McDonalds Drive Thru and Minnie offered 2 Happy Meal with toys surprise Paw Patrol, a BBQ hamburger with fries for Mommy Pig and BBQ cheeseburger for Daddy. The McDonalds Happy Meal toys surprises are from Secret Life of Pets and Angry Birds. Don't forget to take a picture with Mickey and Goofy at Chef Mickey's.

Here's how this set is called in other languages: Caja Registradora, Caisse Enregistreuse Électronique, Minnie Elektronische Kasse, Elektronische Registrierkasse, Registratore di cassa, Kassa, caixa registadora, caixa registradora eletrônica, ηλεκτρονική ταμειακή μηχανή, электронный кассовый аппарат, 전자 금전 등록기, 電子式金銭登録機, máy tính tiền điện tử, daftar tunai elektronik, Caisse, Kasse, elektronik yazarkasa, kassaregister.

McDonalds Cash Register Happy Meal Paw Patrol Toys.

Minnie's Microwave Oven Toy with Electronic Cash Register Disney Minnie BowTique Kitchen Baking Toy.

Barbie McDonalds CASH REGISTER Surprise Toys Eggs PlayDoh Disney Frozen Anna Elsa Minnie Sofia Elmo Nickelodeon PeppaPig.

Disney Frozen Elsa Royal Talking Princess Cash Register.
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