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Oral Reading Fluency 24 - "Sisters"

Oral Reading Fluency Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfQSN9FlyB6RumUTLuDAGY3m6YpBLHSsw
Practice Text 24 "Sisters"
Word count: 220
CEFR Level: B1

0:01 Announcements
1:08 Introduction to our reading
1:35 What is this reading about?
2:03 Vocabulary Notes
4:47 First Reading: listen
6:50 Second Reading: listen and repeat
10:57 Third Reading: slow reading
13:28 Fourth Reading: fast reading
15:38 Post-reading Thoughts

The readings in this series use HIGH FREQUENCY VOCABULARY.
This text uses words from General Service List (GSL) #1-1050
Exceptions: mistake #1062, sister #1368, alike #1912, aloud #2043
Vocabulary Profiler:
88.3929% high frequency (#1-1000)
4.9107% high frequency (#1001-2000)
Off-list: ah, Amy, Lisa

Gunning Fox Index
7.9 on https://readability-score.com/
7.8 on https://www.usingenglish.com/

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You can use the practice text for a dictation, a gapped text, or other form of classroom practice. For your convenience, here is the text you can copy and paste into a Word document.

Amy’s older sister was the pretty one. Even as a little girl, Lisa caught people’s attention. In Amy’s case, people regarded her as a quiet, serious child. Around the age of seven, Amy began to recognize that she and Lisa shared little in common. A single year separated them, but through blood they shared the same parents, the same hair color, and very little else.

As they grew older, Amy felt their differences become stronger. Lisa walked around with a broad, happy smile and could easily laugh with others. Amy, though not unhappy by nature, chose to contain her feelings rather than express them freely. So while Lisa could gather an audience to listen to her every word, Amy spoke in a soft voice that not everyone made the effort to hear.

It was almost impossible to understand why their father frequently mixed up their names. He would smile at his mistake and say, “Ah girls, you’re more alike than you think.” The daughters disagreed.

Lisa is the special one, thought Amy. She has the face and the voice that people remember.

Amy is the special one, thought Lisa. She has a sharp mind and is at the top of her class.

The common thought that neither girl would say aloud was, “I wish I were more like my sister.”

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Images used in this lesson were retrieved from the public domain at https://pixabay.com/
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