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Polite & Positive English: How to wish “good luck” + how to respond

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There are many fun, easy expressions in English to wish someone luck or to encourage someone. In this lesson, I will teach you some common expressions for this, as well as some expressions you can use to respond. I will go over “break a leg!”, “knock ’em dead”, “fingers crossed”, “you got this”, “best of luck”, “wish me luck”, “blow someone away”, “how did it go?”, and “nailed it”. https://www.engvid.com/polite-positive-english-good-luck/

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In this lesson:
00:00 Better ways to wish good luck and to respond
01:20 Break a leg!
02:04 You got this!
02:52 Knock 'em dead!
04:33 Fingers crossed.
06:40 You'll blow them away.
07:36 Best of luck.
08:38 Wish me luck!
09:48 How did it go?
10:52 Nailed it!
11:07 Killed it!
11:35 It went well!
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good luck, break a leg, knock em dead
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