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RUINS of Tilcara (Pucará) ☀️???? + Trying LLAMA STEAK for Dinner in Jujuy, Argentina ????????

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Welcome to another travel adventure in the province of Jujuy in northern Argentina! In today's video we'll be visiting the ruins of Tilcara (also known as Pucará), touring a high altitude botanical garden, and trying llama steak at a restaurant specializing in northern dishes with a contemporary twist!
We started our morning with a visit to Tilcara's main attraction, which is the Pucará. This is an archaeological site that sits on the outskirts of town. The numerous constructions you see here were built by the Omaguaca, who were a pre-Inca tribe that settled the area around the 12th century.

At its peak, Pucará would have covered 15 acres and housed around 2,000 inhabitants. However, by the late 15th century, the tribes in this area were conquered by the Incas, whose domination of the area only lasted for about half a century, ending with the arrival of the Spaniards who founded the modern town of Tilcara.

After visiting Pucará, we walked over to the high altitude botanical gardens, where you can see all sorts of cacti (cardones) and flowers. We also befriended the sweetest dog ever!

We then drove over to the nearby town of Maimará, best known for the Painter's Palette, featuring these beautiful multicoloured jagged hills in soft shades of pastel.

Just off the side of the highway near the south entrance to Maimará, we also visited Mirador El Monolito which is a cool lookout point that offers views over the whole town and also the Painter’s Palette. It’s worth the stop if you have a rental car, and are a bit more in control of your schedule.

Later that evening, we went out for dinner to our favourite restaurant in Tilcara called 'El Nuevo Progreso'. They specialize in northern Argentine cuisine with a contemporary twist. We found this restaurant on our first day in Tilcara and the food was so good that we just kept going back and trying their various dishes. For this particular dinner Sam ordered the llama steaks with Andean potatoes, and I tried the purple tamal stuffed with charqui (salted dehydrated beef). Both meals were excellent!

And that is all for today’s episode. We’ll see you in the next video where we begin the two-day journey back to Salta, then Buenos Aires, and onwards to a new country!

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RUINS of Tilcara (Pucará) ☀️???? + Trying LLAMA STEAK for Dinner in Jujuy, Argentina ????????

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