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SALT FLATS + Rainbow Mountains ???? | Visiting PURMAMARCA + SALINAS GRANDES in JUJUY, Argentina ????

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In today's video, we begin our road trip across the province of Jujuy, where we visit the town of Purmamarca (best known for its Hill of Seven Colours!) and the massive salt flats known as Salinas Grandes. Purmamarca translates to ‘desert city’ in the Aymara language and it's a pretty quiet town lined with adobe buildings, ancient algarrobo trees, a lively market that sets up in the central square, and we can’t forget the otherworldly rainbow-coloured mountains that act as a beautiful backdrop. The Hill of Seven Colours features shades of brown, purple, pink, red, white, yellow, and green. Each layer of colour was formed over different time periods from different minerals and sediments.

The best way to enjoy the views of Purmamarca's Hill of Seven Colours is by climbing Cerro El Porito. This is a super easy climb that you can access from the centre of town. There’s a very small fee of just a few pesos, and you get some great views of the surrounding hills. It’s well worth the short climb!

We then made our way to the square, known as Plaza 9 de Julio, to browse the local market where you can get all sorts of textiles, pottery and handcrafted goods. This is a good place to buy an alpaca sweater (it can get very cold at this altitude) and some honey and coca candies to help with altitude sickness.

Our visit to Purmamarca was short and sweet because we still had a steep mountain pass to cross. We got back in the car and started the drive to Salinas Grandes, a massive salt flat situated between the provinces of Jujuy and Salta. On the drive over, we came across a herd of guanacos; they’re a close relative of the llama and they kind of blend in with the landscape, so we were pretty excited to see them.

We then reached Salinas Grandes, a vast white desert of salt that sits at an altitude of 3,450 meters above sea level. These are the largest salt flats in Argentina and the third-largest salt flats in the world. It’s a cool place to snap some photos and have fun with optical illusions.

And that concludes our first day travelling in Jujuy. We hope you enjoyed this vlog and we'll see you soon with more episodes from the neighbouring towns of Uquía, Humahuaca and Tilcara.

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SALT FLATS + Rainbow Mountains ???? | Visiting PURMAMARCA + SALINAS GRANDES in JUJUY, Argentina ????????

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