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Seizing opportunities if you’re feeling stuck in a job

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In the second episode of the How Tomorrow Works podcast, University of Phoenix marketing instructor Don Braunstein will get you thinking about (and actually excited for) what you could do next. If you’ve ever felt stuck in a job that might not be the one, He shares how and when to embrace opportunities and the importance of keeping yourself current.

Don uses stories from his life and career to teach his students what it’s like in the real world of business. He breaks down what he learned as a chemical engineer turned book publisher turned instructor. The business lesson, and often more importantly, the human lessons.

Then we hit Don with our lightning round of questions to discover How Don Works.

For the last 13 years, Don Braunstein has brought his firsthand business experience to students at University of Phoenix. He started his career in chemical engineering, rose to management, then made the very unexpected, very cool move to book publishing, working with celebrated writers like Kurt Vonnegut, Danielle Steel and Judy Blume. But he says that’s only his second favorite job, after being an UOPX instructor.

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In the next episode, UOPX alumna and the Atlanta Hawks’ Chief HR Executive Camye Mackey chats about cultivating company culture and finding the right career fit. Learn more about University of Phoenix at https://www.phoenix.edu/.

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