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#SELFIE (Official Cat Music Video) - The Chainsmokers PARODY #LOLCAT

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#SELFIE parody of The Chainsmokers. About INTERNET CATS! #LOLCAT
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When I was on Imgur at 4AM
I saw a LOLCat that made me ROFLcopter and I was so mad
Why does everyone else's cat pictures get so famous on Reddit, and mine never gets any upvotes?
I wonder if Ryan knows anyone who knows anyone at Buzzfeed.

Let me make a LOLCat

Let me make a LOLCat

Did you see that Grumpy Cat pic?
My cat always looks Grumpier, but I don't see him on all the cool shirts at Hot Topic.
Do you know the number of pixel strength for the stroke on Photoshop so I can make my Impact Meme Font have the right look to post my meme?

Let me make a LOL cat

Let me make a LOLCat

I think that Cheezburger is reading my mind because they find cats doing everything my cats do before they even do it.
I tweeted at Miley Cyrus and Daniel Day Lewis with my pic and they didn't retweet it, but I thought strategically it was a smart call so I could reach a wider demographic with my cat sitting on top of my door.
OMG I just got followed by that one guy from Pentatonix and from the guy who choreographed Britney Spears When the World Ends video on Instagram. Now they'll see my pics and maybe they'll like them.

I guess I made a good LOLCat

Produced by Gabe Evans & Nick Fabiano
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