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Sorrento, Italy Walking Tour 2022 (4k Ultra HD 60fps) – With Captions

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We recorded this 4k ultra hd video during our trip to Sorrento, Italy on May 2022.
Located on the Sorrento Peninsula in southern Italy, between the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. Sorrento is a delightful town for strolling, relaxing, and enjoying a bit of la dolce vita.
In its history, Sorrento has been ruled by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, French, and Spanish, and it was sacked by the Turks. You'll see these influences in its architecture and even hear hints of Spanish in its dialect. The history of Sorrento is a long tale that dates back some 2,600 years. The Greeks founded Sorrento in the 6th century BC and called it Surreo which means to “flow together” and it may refer to the flow of the two ancient rivers. The Greeks laid the foundations of the city before the Romans built over it and called it Surrentum. The layout of the historic centre of Sorrento has not changed much since Roman times and it was united with the Kingdom of Italy in the year 1861.
Our guided walking tour is about 1.86 miles (3 km) long and covers most attractions and historic sites of Sorrento.

Video Timeline Links:
00:00 Intro Sorrento, Italy Waling Tour 2022
01:36 Tasso Square
03:06 Sedile di Porta
04:01 Corso Italia
07:22 Sorrento Cathedral
13:06 Fiorentino Villa and Park
25:40 Andrea Vaneiro Square
30:09 St. Mary of the Annunciation Church
35:55 San Cesareo Street
36:54 Addolorata Church
39:10 Sedile Dominova
56:18 Church of Saint Paul
58:40 Victory Square
1:08:03 St. Francis Church and Cloisters
1:10:05 St. Francis Cloisters
1:12:52 Villa Comunale Park
1:21:46 Sant'Antonino Square
1:24:05 Sant'Antonino Church
1:34:14 The Valley of the Mills

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