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Teens vs Parents...Who’s Smarter?! | BTB 64

11.11 Single Day
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Do you think TEENS or PARENTS are smarter? In today’s vlog, Shaun and I take on Brooklyn and Bailey in a game of Heads Up! This game is all trivia so the question is: who knows POP CULTURE best? Teens Brooklyn and Bailey, who are up to date on the latest trends, or Shaun and I, the parents who have been around the block a time or two? You’ll have to watch to find out!
In this week’s vlog, you’ll get a glimpse at our new office! We’re so excited because we’re moving our home office into an office building nearby! The move is going to empty up a room in the house, so the kids are all playing MUSICAL ROOMS because Brooklyn and Bailey are heading off to college meaning their room AND the old office is up for grabs! Brooklyn and Bailey will move up to our old office for when they come back from college for the summer, Rylan will take Brooklyn and Bailey’s room, and Paisley will take Rylan’s room! Lots of things are changing around here!
In other news, Shaun, Brooklyn, and Bailey went to YouTube’s Creators Summit in NEW YORK! They got to see CARDI B, Ariana Grande, and Camila Cabello and hang out with other YouTubers like Collins Key! They had such a blast!
I also went to school with Paisley for Mother’s Day Tea! All the girls and boys in her class sang their mothers a song and painted a portrait of their MOM! It was so cute! The portraits were hung on the wall without labels, and all the moms had to try to guess which one your kid painted of you. I guessed right away because whenever Paisley draws or paints me, she always puts a heart on my dress! ❤️
This Heads Up! game is so fun! Who do you guys think would win in your family? Comment Below!
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