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Things to do in USHUAIA, Argentina ???????? | Ushuaia Travel Guide - the City at the End of the Worl

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Hello and greetings from Ushuaia, Argentina! Today we’re going to be visiting the southernmost city in the world, located in the province of Tierra del Fuego at the very bottom of Argentina.

This was the final stop of our massive trip across Patagonia, and in this video, we’ll be sharing some of the best things to do in Ushuaia during your visit. So join us as we cruise the Beagle Channel, ride the train to the end of the world, send a postcard from the southernmost post office, tour a former prison-turned museum, explore the city via double-decker bus, and a whole lot more!

The following is our Ushuaia travel guide and we hope this video gives you a few ideas of the many tours, attractions and experiences you can enjoy here!

???????? Things to do in Ushuaia, Argentina ????????

1) Cruise the Beagle Channel
This is a great opportunity to see some wildlife like cormorants, penguins and sea lions! Bring your passport on the cruise because you can get a Beagle Channel stamp.

2) See the Lighthouse and End of the World
Often attributed as Jules Verne's lighthouse at the end of the world, this lighthouse's real name is Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse.

3) Admire the Penguins on Hammer Island
Not all tour operators are allowed to disembark at the penguin rookery, so in our case, we just admired them from the boat!

4) Go on a Double-Decker Bus Tour of Ushuaia
Picture an old-fashioned double-decker bus painted bright blue, and then get ready to be transported back through time as you set step aboard. Over the course of the tour you’ll get to learn about Ushuaia’s history and hear fun anecdotes, with a bit of tango music in between.

5) Visit the Prison at the End of the World
Ushuaia was founded as a penal colony and this prison was in operation between 1902 to 1947. Today, it houses multiple museums including the Prison Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Antarctic Museum, the Art Museum, and the Art Gallery.

6) Tour the Themed Gallery of Fuegian History
This is a museum featuring dioramas and lifelike figures that showcase the history of the province of Tierra del Fuego. The visit is done as a self-guided tour with an audio guide, so you can go at your own pace.

7) Visit the End of the World Museum
This museum deals with local history and natural history. The displays here focus on local wildlife and shipwreck remains.

8) Visit the Former Government House + Botanical Garden
Set in the former Government House, this museum has a couple of displays relating to its history, as well as a small botanical garden.

9) Sample the Local Cuisine
Ushuaia has lots of unique seafood dishes and the thing to try is the king crab!

10) Go on a Walk along the Harbour
Another thing we’d recommend doing in Ushuaia is walking along the Costanera, which is the boardwalk along the waterfront. You can see all sorts of vessels in the harbour, including cruises departing for Antarctica.

11) See the Saint Christopher
Once known as the HMS Justice, this was a Royal Navy ship classified as a rescue tug and it served at the Normandy landings during World War 2. After the war, the ship was sold and renamed Saint Christopher, where it was chartered for salvage operations in Beagle Channel.

12) Take a photo at the Ushuaia City Sign
This is an iconic photo-op to show you made it to the end of the world.

13) Hike in Tierra del Fuego National Park
This is a very easy day trip from Ushuaia seeing as the park is located just 12 kilometres west of the city. This park consists of subantarctic forest and boasts some dramatic landscapes featuring snow-capped mountains, forests, lagoons and pebbly coves. One of our favourite hikes was Senda Costera, which is the coastal trail along the Beagle Channel.

14) Visit Lapataia Bay
This part of the national park features 6 mini trails that are between 400 meters and 2 kilometres in length. They are very short hikes and easy, so a great option if you are pressed for time.

15) Send mail from the Southernmost Post Office
This tiny post office sits atop a pier on the shores of the Beagle Channel and it’s the last chance to send mail before reaching Antarctica.

16) Ride the Train at the End of the World
Once upon a time, this was known as the train of prisoners, but today, the train has been developed into a heritage train and it’s considered the southernmost functioning railway in the world.

17) Take a Day trip to Tolhuin
This is a small town located an hour and a half away from Ushuaia. The main draw to this town is its famous bakery, where you can enjoy all sorts of pastries, empanadas, and even artisanal chocolates. Aside from that, there is a beautiful lake and a few hiking trails.

And that concludes our Ushuaia travel guide! We hope you enjoyed getting to see the southernmost city in the world. As you can see, Ushuaia has plenty of unique attractions and fun excursions to offer visitors, so it’s well worth adding to your Argentina itinerary, especially if you’re planning to travel in Patagonia!
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