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This Biceps Workout DESTROYED ME! ???? || ONLY 4 SETS! ????️ #SHORTS

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On Tuesday the day got away from me and I had about 60 minutes to train BACK & BICEPS. So I gave my back a solid 40 minutes prioritizing compound movements like pull-ups and rows and with 20 minutes left for biceps I decided a huge superset was my best bet.

Three exercises, high-volume and very little rest.

Let’s just say by the end I couldn’t move my arms and they are still sore even typing this now. But I do my best work when in a pinch and so I wanted to share this killer superset for all of you to try on your next BICEPS DAY!


1️⃣Reverse Curl:[12 - 15 REPS]
2️⃣Alt. Dumbbell Curl:[6 - 8 REPS]
3️⃣Wide-Grip Barbell Curl:[12 or FAILURE]

⏰Rest 30 -60 seconds BETWEEN sets!

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