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This looks like the WILD WEST! ???????? | Visiting UQUÍA + HUMAHUACA + a VINEYARD in Jujuy, Argentin

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The road trip across Jujuy, Argentina continues and in today's vlog, we are visiting the red canyon in Uquía, driving through the town of Humahuaca, shopping for spices at a roadside market, and buying wine at a high altitude vineyard!

So first up, we stopped in the town of Uquía completely by chance. This small town is located just off the side of the highway between Tilcara and Humahuaca, so it’s super easy to get to. The church and the market are the main attractions for visitors, however, we'd recommend driving through the town towards the red hills until you reach Quebrada de Las Señoritas. Here you'll be met with fiery red landscapes that look straight out of Mars...or at the very least straight out of the American Southwest. It reminded us of landscapes in places like Nevada, Arizona, Utah or New Mexico.

After hiking in the canyon, we continued driving further north to the town of Humahuaca. At this point in the day, it was around noon and we were cooking under the sun, so we really didn’t spend very long here. If you’re travelling during the warmer months, we’d definitely suggest going earlier in the day or later in the afternoon, so you can enjoy walking around town rather than desperately seeking shade like we were. We climbed up to the lookout in the centre of town, where you get beautiful views of the colourful mountains just across the river.

On the way back, we did stop at a rather unusual roadside attraction called 'The Llama'. It’s impossible to miss, because, well, there’s a giant llama to greet you right on the side of the highway. This is a market that sells spices, wines, jams, ceramics, and all sorts of artisanal products from the region. And if you’re hungry, you can also get food there!

Continuing with the theme of random roadside stops, we also pulled over at a vineyard called Bodega Viñas Del Perchel. This is a family-run high altitude vineyard and winery located just south of the Tropic of Capricorn line. We met Mabel, who showed us around the place and we also bought 3 bottles of wine to take home with us.

All in all, another fun day travelling in Jujuy!

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This looks like the WILD WEST! ???????? | Visiting UQUÍA + HUMAHUACA + a VINEYARD in Jujuy, Argentina ????

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