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TOILET ENGLISH: Where is the toilet? Bathroom? Washroom? Loo? Lavatory? WC? ???? ???? ????

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English speakers have many words for toilet or the room with the toilet. Bathroom, restroom, the gents, loo, and washroom are a few examples. Did you know we often use different words depending on where we live? For example, in Canada we often say “washroom”. In England, you might hear “the toilet”. Find out what vocabulary to use in which countries to mean the toilet or the room with the toilet. If you are traveling or living in an English-speaking country, there is a good chance you will need to know some of these words. If you don’t learn them, you may have to soil yourself in public ???? ???? ????. https://www.engvid.com/toilet-english-where-is-the-toilet-bathroom-washroom-loo-lavatory-wc/

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00:00 Where is the bathroom/toilet/washroom/WC...?
00:58 "toilet"
01:54 "bathroom"
02:48 "restroom"
03:27 "washroom"
04:31 "the men's room" & "the ladies' room"
06:07 "loo"
07:09 "lavatory"
07:58 "WC"
08:33 "latrine"
English Languages
toilet, loo, washroom
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