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Traveling in INDIA ON DIWALI + Awesome Experience with Very FRIENDLY LOCALS in Amritsar

Join us as we continue traveling in India on Diwali flying from Hyderabad to Amritsar with Indigo Airlines. Upon arriving in Amritsar, arranging transportation to our apartment was difficult because it was Diwali; however, we had a random encounter with very friendly locals that more than made up for it.

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We start things off with an update from just outside our apartment in Hyderabad where we grab an Uber to the airport in Amritsar. The road was nearly empty along the way as most people were at home celebrating Diwali. We just loved the airport in Hyderabad. Not only was it modern, clean and fully equipped with shopping and dining services but it also had such friendly staff. Compared to the previous experience in Pune, which is also used for military purposes, we couldn't get over how nice everyone was to us.

With of plenty of time on our side we grabbed two ice cold Indian beers and sat down to devour samosas before our flight. We both agreed that Hyderabad was the friendliest big city we had ever been to India. We also marvelled at all of the fantastic meals we had including the various dosa and biryani we got to sample.

Even though it was one of the longest flights on our trip we both fell asleep for basically the entire flight. It was great catching up on rest. Upon arriving we couldn't hail a cab or an uber. After David met some friendly locals who wrapped a turban around his head we finally contacted a driver who took us to our place. The adventure continues as we can't wait to explore Amritsar.

Traveling in INDIA ON DIWALI + Awesome Experience with Very FRIENDLY LOCALS in Amritsar
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