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Using ‘travel’ words in English – Free English Vocabulary Lesson

Using ‘travel’ words in English – Free English Vocabulary Lesson

In this lesson, you will learn how to use various terms that we use when we talk about travelling.

1. Travel: means going from one place to another. It can be a verb or a noun.
Example: Marc travels a lot in his job.
Example: I travel by train.
You can also use the word ‘commute’ instead of travel.
‘Travelling’ refers o an activity.

2. Journey: is the distance covered while travelling from one place to another.
It could be a long or a short journey.
You make/go on a journey. It can be used as a verb too.
Example: We journeyed for four hours. (verb)
Example: My journey to work is about twenty minutes.
Example: How was your journey? (means how was the travelling process)

3. Trip: It involves more than one single journey. You take/go on a trip.
Example: John’s gone on a business trip.
Example: How was the trip? (refers to the purpose of travel)

4. Tour: means visiting several places.
Example: We toured Italy.
Example: We went on a tour to Europe.

5. Expedition: is an organized trip whose purpose is usually a scientific exploration or research of the environment/space.
Example: Many expeditions to the Antarctic have ended in a disaster.

6. Excursion: is a short journey, especially a leisure activity.
Example: the students have gone on a school excursion.
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