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Visiting a SWISS COLONY in Patagonia + Eating Swiss POTATO PANCAKE and GOULASH in Argentina!

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Today we're going to visit Colonia Suiza, a small Swiss colony in the outskirts of Bariloche in Patagonia, Argentina. This small village was founded by three immigrant families from the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland, and the Swiss influence is apparent in the town's architecture and food. If you enjoy quiet towns surrounded by beautiful nature, then Colonia Suiza is a place worth adding to your list!

By the time we reached Colonia Suiza, it was already lunchtime, so our first order of business was to find some food! We followed our noses and they led us to this cozy chalet. Here we had Swiss potato pancakes (Rösti), goulash, Malbec wine, and an apple crumble with cream.

When we arrived in Colonia Suiza we learned that the best days to visit are actually Wednesdays and Sundays, during high season, when the town prepares a special dish called ‘curanto'. We had unknowingly arrived on a Monday, missing the big cookout by one day! Curanto is a dish that’s prepared by digging a hole in the ground, covering the bottom with hot stones, and then adding a mix of seafood, meat, potatoes and vegetables. It’s basically like a giant outdoor pressure cooker and people come from far and wide to try this specific dish. So that’s something to keep in mind if you do decide to visit!

With no curanto on the menu, we spent our day walking up and down the main street and visiting some artisanal shops, but since it was a non-fair day, many places in town were closed. Wandering and strolling is how we ended up in front of the Elf Village.

Truth is, we had no idea what the Elf Village was all about when we set foot in there, but it turned out to be quite entertaining, especially if you come with a vivid imagination. We were led into the forest by our guide who taught us to identify all sorts of trees and mushrooms, but then, he brought us to meet the creatures of the forest. We met all sorts of beings like the Gridman who are able to become part of nature, Leprechauns who like to guard their pot of gold, and mischievous elves who like to steal trinkets from the home. There were also trolls, witches and forest fairies, living in this very forest.

And then we met Edgar, or Eeeedgar, who may very well have a future career on the runway. Work it, Edgar!

We then did another loop around town and thought, you know what, we’re hungry, so off went in search of a little something something. We ended up at another restaurant where we ordered artisanal beer, a hamburger and some potato wedges with cheddar. It was the perfect mid-afternoon snack!

And that was our day trip to Swiss Colony. This is a very small village that can easily be visited in half a day, though it’s also possible to stay overnight and do some camping or rent one of the few guesthouses. Our visit was short and sweet, but we enjoyed what got to experience in a few hours. For any of you thinking of visiting, don’t forget, if you want to eat the famous curanto, visit on a Wednesday or a Sunday. Or if you want to experience a sleepy town almost all to yourself, then any other day of the week is perfect. That’s all for today and we’ll see you in the next video.

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Visiting a SWISS COLONY in Patagonia + Eating Swiss POTATO PANCAKE and GOULASH in Argentina!:

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Visiting a SWISS COLONY in Patagonia + Eating Swiss POTATO PANCAKE and GOULASH in Argentina!
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