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Why anger is an important emotion

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Complete transcript:
Why anger is an important emotion
Parent: I'm a parent who punishes you for being angry. 
Child: Yup, I get put in timeout or screamed at any time I'm mad. Then I'm told to come back when I'm not mad anymore. 
(Anger tells us when we're being violated, controlled, or need to set a boundary)

Parent: Nobody likes someone with a bad attitude. 
Child: Well being angry or mad doesn't mean I have a bad attitude. Anger is a guide that shows me when I've been violated or controlled. Anger tells me when I need to stand up for myself or set a boundary. 
Parent: Listen you need to be a good girl. And good girls aren't angry okay? 
Child: Okay, here's what I'm learning. Anger is an emotion to be ashamed of so instead of understanding my anger and learning how to express it in healthy ways, I'll be punished for it. So I'll repress my anger and in 25 years I'll be afraid to speak for myself and start a pattern of people pleasing. Of course, this will lead to resentment in me, accepting unhealthy behaviors in relationships, but good girls aren't angry.  So I'll put on a big smile and hide everything I'm actually feeling.
The Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole Lepera
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