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Will APPLE VISION PRO split society in two? Our thoughts…

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Is society splitting into two before our very eyes? Let's talk about the Apple Vision Pro launch...
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0:00 - Today on the show…
1:54 - Josh’s family finally got the rona, 4 years later
3:55 - Jordan bought the materials to finish his basement.
7:11 - Sorry, Mom, for laughing at this Christian Meme…
9:19 - “I found out I’m the product of an affair…”
13:38 - Crazy clips time!
15:39 - Would you EVER give up your right to vote?
20:13 - Jordan has a theory about how AI could be used for good.
27:16 - Jordan doesn’t believe in aliens (because of Hollywood)
30:19 - Embarrassing videos of people using Apple Vision Pro
39:30 - Jordan has a blind, deaf rabbit.
43:26 - Josh has a son learning the value of prayer.
46:14 - Josh recommends a book about fathers and sons.
49:46 - Jordan considers the Apple Vision Pro again…
52:30 - Jordan recommends green beans from Trader Joe’s (aka the show is over)
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