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Yucatán In One Breath: A wild swimmer’s guide to Mexico

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The ancient Mayans revered the cenotes of Yucatán, Mexico. Champion free diver Camila Jaber reveals their hypnotic appeal.

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The Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico is famed for the thousands of cenotes strewn across its storied landscape: water holes that connect to an underground river system. And few know them better than Camila Jaber, a champion free diver who can swim to depths of over 260 feet.
In our film, Jaber explains their cultural and ecological importance. To the ancient Mayans, they were passageways to the underworld, and today, they remain a crucial part of the region’s ecology. She also explores the jungle, where Mayan pyramids can be found amongst the trees, the MUSA, an undersea sculpture park near Cancun’s Mayan Riviera, home also to the popular tourist resort of Tulum, and visits Valladolid, one of Yucatán’s most photogenic Pueblos Mágicos, where locals keep ancient Mayan cultural traditions alive, from food to music and dance.
This is an epic travel experience over land and under the sea.
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