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027 - Updates: Finances, Projects and Plans

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Over the past month almost every email conversation I’ve had with someone about my projects and plans has ended with “I’m going to talk about this on the next podcast”.
In this episode I’m going to answer the most common questions I get about the status of my finances, what my plans are to improve my situation in 2018, what video courses I’m developing for Udemy, and where we are with the development of the Argument Ninja Academy.
If you’re interested in entrepreneurship and making a living online doing what you love, I think you’ll find this episode interesting.
Link to my latest sketchbook video: "In Our Tribe We Trust"
Link to my 2017-Year-in-Review blog post
In This Episode:
(0:00 - 0:52) Introductory remarks.
(0:53 - 1:50) New video published: "In Our Tribe We Trust"
(1:50 - 8:06) How I managed my horrible tax situation
(8:06 - 13:30) Review of my web properties and income from various components of my business
(13:30 - 15:23) Strategies in 2018 for consolidating my web presence
(15:23 - 19:28) How my approach to designing and teaching video courses has changed since I left academia. Example: How to teach critical thinking about probability and uncertainty to "ordinary people"
(19:28 - 21:13) Designing new courses for kevindelaplante.com
(21:13 - 22:17) Summary of consolidation plans and projects
(22:17 - 30:30) Returning to Udemy. Designing a new course on the Vocabulary of Science. Teaching Philosophy of Science at Carleton University this summer.
(30:30 -  31:59) Intermediate stages on the way to the Argument Ninja Academy
(31:02 - 32:35) Wrapping up
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