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Are you looking for something to do this evening? What about some paper crafts? Everyone has a lot of paper at home but few of us know that paper is a source of never-ending fun and creativity. Watch this video and see yourself if you don't believe me.

You can make a lot if cool things and toys of paper. For example, you can make a cool fish. Add some details and voila – it's alive! Don't let this fish be lonely – make her some friends and let's make a fish party.

Another cool toy to make from paper is Spongebob. You can also make Patrick Star and a jellyfish – just look how cool and jiggly they are!

Learn how to make a paper helicopter that actually can fly! All you need for this craft is some paper, glue, a piece of wire and a rubber band.

Here comes a craft for the rainy day. If you like football, you probably know what table football is. But have you ever heard of finger football? Make a field, choose your players and let's rock the field!

The next craft will be really handy for a hot day – a paper fan. Make this romantic accessory for yourself or for your bestie. She'll be delighted.

Remember the following craft for Halloween – you can make adorable paper pumpkins and decorate your home with them. The little secret trick is to put a cinnamon stick in the center – this is how you can create a warm party atmosphere!

Paper is also good for making decorations. Learn how to make sweet and tiny origami butterflies. You can decorate whatever you want with these butterflies – make a garland, decorate a box or a photo frame. By the way, watch this video till the end to learn how to make cute boxes for presents or for storing some little things.


1:02 - Dynamic paper toys for kids
3:41 - DIY finger soccer
4:56 - How to make paper butterflies
6:43 - DIY paper pumpkins
9:56 - Easy origami box


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