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15 Profitable Small Business Ideas for 2021

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Profitable businesses that are in high demand in 2021
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0:00 Small business ideas for 2021
0:27 Organic vending machines
The organic vending machine business would be a great idea for places where people tend to care more about their health. The machine would offer healthy snacks and drinks, instead of coke, chips and candies.
1:20 Taxis with car seats
This business idea would provide a solution for parents in California and some other parts of the US, where you're required to put your child in a car seat.
2:55 Driver service
Here I'm talking about the service that will be available for regular people and wouldn't cost a fortune. Let's say you drove to a restaurant and had a drink with a friend. You would be able to use this service, the driver would come to your location and drive your car home with you.
3:45 Find a doctor service
This service would help you to find the right doctor for you, based on your location, insurance and rating, so you wouldn't have to spend hours researching and being put on hold when trying to make an appointment.
5:10 Welcome to the USA service
This service would be helpful for immigrants, workers from other countries, who need help with taxes, renting a car/apartment, getting SSNs, finding doctors, opening bank accounts, etc.
6:45 Food delivery to the airplane or to the train
There are long flights that don't provide food. It would be great to have a service that brings that healthy meal to your gate for you, so you don't have to worry about it.
8:01 15-minute grocery delivery
You can rent an apartment or storage space and fill it with groceries that are always in high demand, create a website or an app where people can order it.
9:36 Start a YouTube Channel
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11:19 Personal Chef
You can start as a one-person business offering the menu people can choose from, coming to their house and cooking. You can also create an additional service, where you would bring all the groceries with you.
12:40 Direct access testing
There are a lot of private labs in my home country, Russia. You can easily come and tell them what you want to be checked, they will run the test on you and you will get your results. No doctor's appointment needed. We need more services like this in the US (note: some states prohibit this, but 37 states allow it).
15:03 Pack & move service
This is a service that helps you pack all your stuff and move it to another place, so you don't have to worry about buying boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and packing, etc. They would take care of everything.
16:22 Uber for manicure and haircut
This service will allow people to invite nail or hair specialists to their home.
17:21 Drone videographer
If you know how to operate a drone and how to create footage with a drone, you can create movies, ads, film different events or work with bloggers. There are a lot of industries that rely on images from drones.
18:20 Smart home contractor
The market for these specialists is going to double in the next five years. A smart home contractor is someone who would come to your house, take a look at your project and create a system for you.
19:05 Decluttering services or professional organizing
This business is already growing in big cities. It would help people to get rid of stuff they don't need and to organize the space better.

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