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Make your home a bit cozier with awesome candle crafts. DIY candles are really fun to make. It's very useful to learn how to make DIY candles because, first of all, you can decorate your own house using them, and secondly, you can give them as a gift to someone on a special occasion. Let's learn how to make awesome candles – numerous ideas are waiting for you in this video.

Learn how to make a liquid candle. You'll need transparent glasses to pout the liquid into them.They are so colorful and mesmerizing! You can add some pebbles or glass gems into transparent glasses to make the looking even cooler.

If you have some boring white plain candles at home, you can turn them into something amazing! Grate such candle into tiny pieces and melt it. You can add some color using a crayon – just add it to the melted candle. Now, some magic begins! Put a small balloon into the melted mix and let it get dry. After it gets hard, you can pop the balloon and get cool wax bowls.

You can make a dragon egg with a surprise inside! When a candle burns, you (or someone you give it to as a present) can get the toy. It can be a cool surprise to someone you love!

Learn how to make a yummy-looking candle. It looks just like a delicious dessert. You can add some essential oils to it to add a bit of yummy flavor. Make sure that nobody eats it!

If someone's birthday is coming, you can make a birthday cake and decorate with DIY candles! Learn how to make awesome and bright number candles. If there's another party, you can make a candle in a flower pot. See how to make that one as well.

Learn how to make a beautiful rose candle. It's easier than it may seem. If you have a lot of old crayons, I also know how to use them – colorful DIY candles in transparent glasses. They can brighten up any room!

You can fill your room with orange, cinnamon, and cloves aroma! Watch this video up to the end and see how to make awesome yummy candles.


1:17 - Liquid candles
2:02 - Rose candle
4:05 - Dragon egg

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