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Paper art projects for kids

What are the easiest toys you can DIY? And what about decor items? And school projects? That is right: the simplest crafts are made from an ordinary paper. Why? Simple because everyone has it at home. But it doesn't mean that paper is boring. Art projects made of paper are actually lots of fun. Try to make them yourself - we will give you some cool ideas in this video to boost your imagination.

1. Paper Sponge Bob
Have you ever seen a Sponge Bob cartoon. If yes, you definitely like this clumsy and funny little guy who makes burgers. We have an awesome tutorial how to make a paper Sponge Bob (01:27).
You will only need yellow and brown colored paper, some glue and a pair of scissors. A little trick here - you can make colored paper yourself. Just paint paper using water paint or simple markers.
Cut out a big yellow rectangle and glue it to the brown paper pants. Draw the face features and attach paper hands and legs. Well done! You can hang your paper Sponge Bob on the wall. Now turn on a fan - can you see the magic? Right, he moves his hand and legs.

2. 3D paper toy for kids
Paper is rather a weak material for toys: it is easy to break and it cannot withstand even a drop of water. However, it is just perfect for intellectual games for preschoolers! Time to follow our easy tutorial.
You may find the template here (03:44). You will need one big stripe of paper and some rhombuses of three different colors. Just glue them together on the order you see in the video. It is pretty easy and quick to make, but in the end, you will get a cool sophisticated infinity toy.
You may spin it in any direction, and the colors of the toy will change. Isn't it awesome?

Make several toys of different colors of your choice and present them to your friends. They will love the gift! Or I have an even better idea! Make your own toys together - it is a wonderful craft to make with your family and friends.

Watch the video till the end to learn how to make gorgeous DIY paper gift bags in no time at all
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