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2014 Red Hat Summit: Performance Analysis & Tuning Of Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Part 1

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In this 2-part session, you'll learn how to configure and tune Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 5, 6, and 7 beta systems for optimal performance while running a variety of common applications. You'll also learn how to evaluate and analyze the performance of heavily loaded systems and how to tune them to maximize performance.

In part I, Larry Woodman:
-Describes several existing and new hardware features that can affect performance and how the Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel takes advantage of them.
-Describes and illustrates the latest performance analysis tools and techniques to identify performance bottlenecks impacting system and application performance.

In part II, Doug Shakshober:
-Describes and contrasts system tuning parameters to show how they can be used along with tools and techniques to resolve identified bottlenecks affecting system and application performance.
-Shows what techniques are used to identify and resolve performance issues in a number of combinations of systems and applications, such as database servers, Internet servers, and various financial applications.

To watch part 2: http://youtu.be/qQosbcBvAj0

This session was part of the Best of track.

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