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3 Proven Swing Trading Strategies (That WORK)

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Learn 3 swing trading strategies to profit in the financial markets.
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0:10 Doesn't matter whether you're trading Forex, stocks, whatever, right? These strategies can be applied the same. So are you ready? Then let's begin. Okay, now, before I begin, right, I want to explain to you what is swing trading because some of you are wondering here Rayner, what is swing trading, alright? So let me explain to you quickly. So swing trading, the idea is to capture one swing in the market.
2:10 Swing Trading Strategy #1: Stuck In A Box
The first one is what I call stuck in a box, where the price is pretty much stuck in a range, stuck in a box, similar to what you've seen earlier. So this the core idea here is that the market is in a range, you want to buy low and sell high, so how you go about doing it is to let the price come into an area of value, an area of support, okay?
4:14 Swing Trading Strategy #2: Catch The Wave
So the other one is what I call catch the wave. So this is used when the market is in an uptrend. When the market is trending, you are trying to time your entry and capture just one swing in an uptrend.
6:18 Swing Trading Strategy #3: Fade The Move
So it's what I call fade the move. So this is a counter-trend trade. So because when the market is trending and if it has traveled quite a long, a distance towards the swings high, towards resistance, there is opportunity for you to take a counter trend trade but I'll share with you a little bit of how to manage this type of trade.
If you want to learn more about what I do, you can go down to my website over here, tradingwithrayner.com, tradingwithrayner.com, Rayner is my name, you should know that. And you can scroll down a little bit and have a couple of trading guides over here. So one is called The Ultimate Guide to Trend Following where I share with you practical trading techniques on how to ride big trends in the market. And then The Ultimate Price Action, The Ultimate Guide to Price Action Trading on How to Better Time Your Entries and Exits. These two guides, completely free, click the blue button. And I'll send it to your email address. For free. So with that said, I've come to the end of this video, I hope you find insightful. If you did, could you please hit the like button, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. And if there's anything to ask me or any questions, leave it in the comments section below. And I'll do my best to help. With that said, I'll talk to you soon.
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