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8 Psychological Facts about Crushes

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So who are you crushing on? Tell us your secret crush stories below. We might even make a video out of it.

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Also, if you haven't, we actually did a video a while back on 5 differences between crush vs lust a while back here: https://youtu.be/p578HlQyUaY

Here are the sources for anyone who wants to read about them. Just look them up via peer reviewed journals database like google scholar:

1) prolonged eye contact = stronger attachment and increased affection (Kellerman, Laird et al, 1989)
2) "opposites attract" - women are naturally more attracted to those with different HLA-complexes (genetic blueprints) (Kromer, Hummel, Croy et al, 2016).
3) children with older parents go on to find older people more attractive when they're adults (Perrett et al, 2002).
4) those with symmetrical faces tend to be viewed as more attractive (Grammer & Thornhill, 1994).
5) both sound and smell play a part in attraction (Groyecka et al, 2017).
6) we're attracted to those of a similar height to us, due to genetics (Tenesa et al, 2016).
7) the colour red makes women more attractive to men (ScienceDaily, 28th October 2008).
8) falling in love releases chemicals that make us feel good, cheeks flush, palms sweat and heart race (ScienceDaily, 6th Feb 2014).

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