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8 tips for Great Presentation Skills - Public Speaking | Communication Skills | Body Language

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08 Simple tips to develop great Presentation Skills - Public speaking | Communication skills | Body language | Speaking confidently

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In this Skillopedia you would learn how to develop great presentation skills and master the art of presenting well. Improving presentation skills is very important if you are doing a lot of presenting. Presenting to an audience is tough and you have to admit it. Public speaking can be remarkably nerve-racking. But if you follow these simple tips you would certainly make a lot of difference to your presentation skills almost instantly. These tips would help you develop your own personal speaking style, enthusiasm and get yourself a master presenter status.

The topics covered in this video - Tips to improve your presentation skills include -

1. Knowing the 3 Knows of presentation, which are building blocks for any great presentation.
2. How to define the purpose of your presentation skills.
3. How to check your stance and the perfect body language while presenting.
4. What to do with your powerpoint presentations and how to keep them engaging and simple.
5. Learning the art of storytelling.
6. How to handle mess-ups in a presentation.
7. How to involve the audience and create a direct connection with them.
8. Public speaking tips and learning to speak slowly and clearly.
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