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aiims norcet 2021 preparation I nursing important points 11 April 2021

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aiims norcet 2021 preparation I nursing important points 11 April 2021

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This video contains important points for upcoming nursing exams like aiims norcet. If you are preparing for the aiims norcet exam 2021 nursing exams then this video is for you.

Chorion is the outermost extraembryonic membrane that gives rise to the placenta

in a cardiac arrest patient you should establish airway first

human personality operates on three levels of conscious preconscious and unconscious level

pernicious anaemia occurs due to lack of absorption of vitamin b12 in gi tract

active immunization means formation of antibodies in body in response to vaccine per diseases

if oxygen supply is stopped for 4 minutes irreversible brain damage occur

You should count neonates respiration for one full minute

Medulloblastoma is most common brain tumor in children

Metabolism two faces
A) anabolism construction phase
B) catabolism destructive phase

Passive immunization is administration of antibodies that prepared outside body

Heparin sodium is used in renal dialysis

weight gain is the most reliable indicator of a positive response to therapy in total parenteral nutrition therapy

Organoenesis occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy

Third stage of labour start after neonates birth and ends with expulsion of placenta

According to Erikson the identity vs role confusion stage occurs between age 12 to 20

Bell's palsy due to disturbed seventh cranial nerve

Spica cast dries completely in 24 to 74 hours

Hypocalemia condition occurs when the serum potassium level below 3.5 mEq/ day

And urea means urine output less than 100 ml per day

Highest treatment priority in a anorexia nervosa patient in to correct the nutritional and electrolyte imbalances

The percentage of water in a neonate body is about 80 %

Tetany caused by the hypocalcemia and hypocalcemia caused by the hypoparathyroidism

Butterfly rash upon the face is a characteristic sign of SLE

1st stage labour starts with onset of labour and ends with full cervical dilation at 10 cm

maintenance of patient's airway is the primary postoperative concern

if a patient lost his bodies 15 to 20% of blood hypovolemia can occurs

Cullen's sign a bluish discoloration around the embla cause this sign is seen in patient who have perforated pancreas

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