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All About Love + More | Kids ABCs Teach Phonics, Animals, Colors & Counting Songs by Busy Beavers

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Busy Beavers Teach Children Important Values such as Helping, Creating, Healthy Eating & Playing Outside. Our Latest Release "All About Love" from our "Birds Songs for Toddlers" Album Teaches Life Lessons & Love. The rest of this 70 Minute Video Teaches ABCs, Animals, Counting in English and Spanish, Telling the Time and much more. Try it with your Child or Students and they'll Learn while they Sing.

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Since 2006 Busy Beavers have been making Safe, Engaging, Educational Videos, Textbooks & DVDs used in Classrooms all over the World. We have been a YouTube Partner since 2009 with over 2.5 Billion Views. You can trust your Children with our Simple, Educational, Original Videos.

Track Listing:
0:04 All About Love
1:37 Alphabet Phonics Song 4
6:10 Five Little Animals
8:51 Super Circus 3D Color Cars Jump Betty Pink
9:32 Pink Balloon Goes Pop
11:00 What Color is the Shark? Pink
11:16 Super Circus 3D Monster Trucks
11:39 Stevie Steamer Counting Vegetables
15:14 Counting the Alphabet
17:34 Super Circus 3D Color Cars Jump Alfie Yellow
18:29 Princess Colors "Hello Yellow"
21:11 Learning Yellow School Bus
21:54 Colors of the Alphabet ABC
23:29 Super Circus 3D Alphabet Buses
24:05 Wheels on the Bus Song (All through the town Version)
25:51 Let's Count to 10 in Spanish
26:26 Finger Family Sharks
27:28 Count to 10 Song
29:09 Learn Shapes in Spanish
30:47 Princess ABCs "ABC Shake"
33:25 Learn All About Apples
33:58 Here Comes My Baby
36:32 Tea Set Learning Red Letter C
37:56 What Time is it? Song (Club Singalong Version)
40:25 Princess 123s Sings to 30
43:11 Learn All About Bananas
43:48 In On Under Song (3D Version)
46:58 Super Circus Color Cars Jump Purple Car
47:44 The Color Game (from English Level 1)
52:41 The Apple is Red
54:46 Play the Alphabet on the Piano
56:43 Alphabet Phonics Puzzle Letter C for Car
57:55 Princess 123s Show #1 Learn Numbers
1:01:46 Colors of the Alphabet Letters OPQ
1:03:22 Learn to Fly (Song)
1:05:21 Kids Go Play Outside (Song)
1:07:35 Busy Beavers TV Show Theme Song

Busy Beavers focus on core Toddler learning concepts like the Alphabet, Counting, Colors, Shapes & healthy habits such as washing your hands, brushing your teeth, eating vegetables & wholesome family activities like playing outside together.
Our Videos are always educational & safe for children to watch on their own or with parents, grandparents & teachers singing along.


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YouTube Music: https://www.youtube.com/c/busybeavers

If you are a Parent or Teacher of Young Learners, Daycare or Kindergarten Teacher, Teaching ESL English Students, English as a Foreign Language Teacher or Teaching Children with Autism, Asperger's or Learning Difficulties such as Delayed Speech we'd love to recommend our Educational Streaming Website:

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