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Arctic Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Arctic.
In the Arctic, the circumpolar region of the north, it is necessary to travel by boat as there are no roads in the frozen world around the North Pole. A great way to experience this region is by cruise ship as they use small rubber boats, zodiacs, to access the Arctic’s islands and bays. The island of Spitsbergen owes its name to the jagged mountains of the west coast with its black, bare rock mountains and valleys that contain huge glaciers. Ice streams flow continuously, at the front of which their glacial tongues break loose into the Polar sea. This is the Land of the Polar Bear, the Arctic’s most famous carnivore, a ruthless predator always in search of food. The signs of climate change are everywhere so that the pack ice often becomes porous as a consequence of which the polar bear cannot cover the same areas as in former times. The cries of young gulls at feeding time has woken up a hungry Arctic fox who suddenly gains a healthy appetite for itself but an unhealthy end for a gull or two. This kingdom of freezing cold is the largest wilderness on earth and one of its last natural paradises.
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