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Ariana Grande Ensemble - Almost Is Never Enough (Berklee College of Music)

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Ariana Grande's "Almost Is Never Enough" performed by the Ariana Grande Ensemble. Lead vocals are Malaya Watson and Brandon Harris. This concert was produced by Tia Fuller.
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Ariana Grande Ensemble
Shirleen Chen, production manager
Olivia Davis, vocal arranger, coproduction manager
Aaron Ward, comusical director
Maxwell Vincent Nudi, musical director, rhythm section leader
Ethan Santos, horn section leader
Maya McBride-Wheatie, choreographer
Lead Vocals Courtney Riggs, Los Angeles, California
Piao Piao Huang, Toronto, Canada
Maya Teresa McBride-Wheatie, Washington D.C.
Malaya Watson, Detroit, Michigan
Backing Vocals Kinami Nakaza, Detroit, Michigan
Mia Taylor, Brooklyn, New York
Alma Blum, Queens, New York
Tenor Saxophone Maurice Soque Jr., Falmouth, Massachusetts
Alto Saxophone Henry Gritton, Louisville, Kentucky
Trombone Ethan Santos, Fresno, California
Trumpet Akili Bradley, Seaside, California
Keyboards Aaron Ward, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Owen Smith, Freeport, Bahamas
Guitar Leonardo Varella Vieira, Florianopolis, Brazil
JP Donelan, Tokyo, Japan
Bass Solomon Smith, Memphis, Tennessee
Percussion Thomas Debelian, Oslo, Norway
Drums Maxwell Vincent Nudi, Erie, Pennsylvania
Recording Engineer: Alex Rodriguez
Mixing Engineer: Edoardo Santini
Mastering Engineer: Jonathan Wyner
Video producer - Reggie Lofton
Video associate producer - Ken Shifman, Jin Choi
Video director - Nathan Koski-Vacirca
Video engineer - Claudio Trejo
Camera operator - Ryan Fogal, Tommy Kavounidis, Syllous Mai, Oscar Pacheco
Video editor - Andrea Mendoza
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