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Chasing Your Dreams While Fighting For Your Health | Trust Me, I'm Sick Part 2

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You can't always tell from the outside when someone has a chronic illness or disability. In "Trust Me, I'm Sick," we want to uncover the struggles, triumphs, and life changes that people with invisible illness experience. Ezra , Giuliani, Henriette, Matt and Cassandra share intimate stories about how Lupus, HIV and other chronic health conditions have helped shape their relationships, careers and expectations for the future.

#TrustMeImSick #InvisibleIllness

An Arlo Pictures Production
In partnership with Suffering The Silence
Directed by l Sarah Stewart
Created and produced by l Erica Lupinacci & Sarah Stewart
Original music composed by l Starr Parodi

Giuliani Alvarenga
Henriette Ivanans-McIntyre
Kevin McIntyre
Cassandra Rush
Forest Tarro
Matt Tarro
Johnny Valencia
Ezra Wheeler
Kate Wheeler

Director of Photography l Luisa Conlon
Editor l Carla Roda
Additional Editor l Julie Janata
Additional Camera l Kim Boden, Allison Stoney, Ryan Arroyo
Community Advisor l Allie Cashel, Amanda Crommett
Production Assistant l Tera Ragan
Impact Consultant l Sarah Stoker
Music produced by l Starr Parodi & Jeff Eden Fair
Music recorded & mixed by l Jeff Eden Fair

Colorist l Jonah Braun
Associate Colorist l Sushil Gangaraju
Graphic Designer l Levi Ahmu
Sound Mixer l Marcin Chojnowski
Senior Editor l Lehr Beidelschies
Junior Editor l Matthew Lyons
DI Producer l Marissa Krupen
Supervising Producer l Sean Ware

Southwestern Law School Entertainment and The Arts Legal Clinic
Elizabeth Black
Kanani Datan
Tyler Garber
Jay Gendron
Matthew Jacobs
Kathy M. Lombard
Blake Newman
Orly Ravid
Larry Savage
Anita Surendran

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